Mixed heavy metals

Mixed heavy metals refer to a combination of various metals, including aluminum, copper, brass, and zinc.

Aluminium Profiles

Aluminum profiles, also known as aluminum extrusions or aluminum structural members, are specialized shapes or sections made from aluminum through the extrusion process. They are long, hollow or solid pieces with consistent cross-sectional dimensions.


SHREDDED NONFERROUS SCRAP (predominantly aluminum) Shall be made up of a combination of the nonfer- rous metals: aluminum, copper, lead, magnesium, stainless steel, nickel, tin, and zinc, in elemental or alloyed (solid) form. The percentage of each metal within the nonferrous concentrate shall be subject to agreement between buyer and seller.

Shredded Fridge Aluminum

SHREDDED ALUMINUM After shredding refrigerators, the recycling process yields shredded aluminum, which is the aluminum material extracted from the shredded fridge components. In addition to aluminum, shredded aluminum from fridges may also contain a small amount of copper.

Wheel Balance Weights

Wheel balance weights are small metal weights used in the automotive industry to balance the wheels and tires of vehicles. They are attached to the wheel rims to compensate for any imbalance that may occur during the assembly process or due to wear and tear.

Brass Tubes Pales/Pallu

BRASS CONDENSER TUBES Shall consist of clean condenser tubing which may be plated or unplated, free of excessive corroded material as mutually agreed. Upon mutual agree- ment between buyer and seller, may be in the form of whole bundles including iron and/or brass heads as well as iron and/or brass baffles.